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Patents, you think, how boring …. yawn ….


  Well, consider this:

What golf putter was so accurate it was banned from the links? 

Which U.S. President had a patent? 

Who patented the automobile? 

Who patented sports shoulder pads? 

What did Orville and Wilber Wright really contribute to the airplane? 

A unique patent for a traveling dresser by "The American Beauty." Who was she? 

Of what nationality was the inventor of the bicycle? 

Hydroplaning - the principle of skimming on top of water at high speed - had to be discovered and utilized to make this invention. What was it? 

What Hollywood star designed a portion of the guidance system for the Mark IV torpedo used in WWII? 

What type of aircraft was making regular trans-Atlantic trips when a major catastrophe caused the whole industry to be shut down? 

What famous escape artist patented safety improvements to the deep-sea diver’s suit? 

Artificial limbs are common now. What was the first one? 

What indispensable aircraft was invented by a Russian who founded a major US corporation? 

What heavy-weight boxing champion patented a wrench? 

Who was Elisha Otis? (and why does anyone care?) 

With his last few shillings, this RAF pilot renewed a patent that nobody wanted. But before long, it was the key to a revolution in travel. What is it? 

Who was the ventriloquist that patented an artificial heart? 

The space age could not have advanced without this key invention. What is it? 

What did Mark Twain patent? (This is one of his 2 patents) 

The world's greatest inventors

Other patent not-so-known facts:

Inventing Fun, Facts and Trivia

Last updated: January 4, 2003

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