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Automobile - George Selden


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Road Engine


George Selden

Few people could even conceive of the automobile industry when George Selden applied for his Road Engine patent in 1879. A man of foresight, Selden knew the automobile was going to be a big thing. Through calculated delaying tactics, Selden successfully prolonged the issuance of the patent until the automobile industry began - for 14 years. 

Selden squeezed the fledgling industry for royalties on every car produced until he was stopped. Who stopped him? Henry Ford. How? A court patent fight that made newspaper headlines nationwide. The outcome hinged on a curious court interpretation. The result was the greatest boon to industrial production the world had ever seen -- the US automobile industry.

Note: This patent has a witnessing signature by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak.

A fascinating story about the beginnings of the automobile industry. (more)


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