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The Art of Invention

The Scrap Book - Mark Twain


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Improvement in Scrap Books


Samuel Clemens

(Mark Twain)

Probably one of America's favorite authors, Clemens was interested in many things. Improvements to scrapbooks seem like a minor thing, but it allowed scrapbook enthusiasts to add pictures and papers by moistening the dried glue in the book. For scrapbookers - a big deal!

From the time the patent was applied for until the time the patent was issued was, can you believe it, only six weeks. Today, it takes a couple of years at best!


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The above double-matted, framed patent can be yours!

A piece of history from one of America's favorite writers

All patent art is double-matted 16" x 20" with flat-black frame.

A full copy of the patent is included along with the historical context for the invention.

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Last updated: 21 December, 2001

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