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The Art of Invention


The Art of Invention


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Dresser Trunk


Lillian Russell

The "American Beauty" could not only captivate the audience with her singing, but she was a practical woman as well. 

Traveling from city to city takes a toll on a girl's wardrobe and well being. To be properly presentable, one must have an acceptable setting and the required toiletries. Ms Russell designed this trunk to unfold into a dresser whereby she could make herself presentable to her adoring public in the proper manner. Then, after the performance, pack up quickly and move on to the next throng of fans.

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The above double-matted, framed patent can be yours!

A piece of history from a very popular talented actress and singer

All patent art is double-matted 16" x 20" with flat-black frame.

A full copy of the patent is included along with the historical context for the invention.

Price: $150.00 USD

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Last updated: 21 December, 2001

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