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Robert Goddard - Rocket



The Rocket


Robert Goddard

Dr. Goddard is considered the father of modern rocket propulsion. In 1919, in his book A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitude, Goddard proposed that a rocket might be used to reach the moon. 

The New York Times printed derisive comments about Goddard's concepts. Goddard's theory that rockets could operate in outer space met with a lot of criticism. The day after Apollo 11 left earth orbit for the moon, the Times published an apology to Goddard.

Goddard first achieved recognition for his work when he launched a rocked in the basement of the physics building at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Fortunately for the aerospace industry, he was not expelled from the school.

This is one of two patents granted in 1914 The second patent is for a liquid fuel rocket, while this patent is for a two or three stage rocket.


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